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Strange to have memories of you these days.You were not there and you are not here also, But when I remember, why do you exist everywhere? As long as I think of you, I can hold myself.As long as I see your deepest blue eyes…Feel I am alive and lucky enough to have love for you.Though I sense a cry hidden inside you, I prayed rain to fall so wildlyas no one can see it.I asked the pacific wind to blow the bagpipe -So that no one can hear anything but -your whisper, When you will talk to mein my imagination in the midst of moonshine.Now you can come to me and sit for a moment -To tell the last words, to say me good bye.The story I had written sixteen years ago, Even our last conversation…butIt was just a wait, waiting for the wound.Like Tristan dying at the shore, waiting for -For your love only.Walking beside the sea -Thinking what you have not to say in that morning.What I have to decide and what I will do after that.People loves to remember and will forget also-The love stories of the world.And they will stop thinking about us in time.So as long as I am alive, I'll keep watching magical moments in your eyes.Rafiqul Anowarhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/me-and-my-solitude-02/
Rafiqul Anowar - Me and My solitude 02
Scientist Alimorad Farshchian who coined the term \
18. A discussion on arthritis and joint imjuries by Dr Alim
Scientist Alimorad Farshchian who coined the term \
18. A discussion on arthritis and joint imjuries by Dr Alim
Scientist Alimorad Farshchian who coined the term \
18. A discussion on arthritis and joint injuries by Dr Alim
Scientist Alimorad Farshchian who coined the term \
18. A discussion on arthritis and joint imjuries by Dr Alim
Scientist Alimorad Farshchian who coined the term \
18. A discussion on arthritis and joint imjuries by Dr Alim
The joker lived in my town.Made funAnd made people happy with his life.Children played with his old beard; Curious of its snowy whiteness.Think if I were like him! If people be happy with my fun like him, But I fear.At nightJoker slept in dusty corner of the street.No blanket, no bed, no pillow under the misty cold sky.Felt as he was alone as the sky.Far from the skyStars were amazed by his dazzling eyes -Full of dream, passion and fantasy.As he was happy with his all, As an angel who never whimpered on pains, Only brought beauty and joy to human life.Giant skyscrapers covered him one dayAnd he died today like any other day on earth.No one knows, no one feels, no one even asksWhere or why he has gone forever remain us happy.Earth covers his body, And sky swallows his soul.Stars remains only gloomy all the night at his funeral.Why he wanted to be joyous with his funWhile his laughs reminded not of himself.Where he was: a son, a husband, and a fatherNothing does exist there anymore now.I loved him once, And I promise I always love him withMy breath and my memory; Though I fear, And I feel- wanted never be like him.Not all are ever succeed thus I know butWhy you failed in your life father -Mourning, mourning, mourning and I cry.Rafiqul Anowarhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/funny-joker-s-remembrance/
Rafiqul Anowar - Funny Joker’s remembrance

07.Bangla Natok ''Kath Golpo'' By Prova, Sumon Anowar Full HD 2017
Things are changed really; I can hear it in the airNo river of fortune makes us happy, unlesswe are cherished by the memory.Depressions are only friend of lonelinessSky remains silence and the Hope.....Days are breaking upon the shore...butI m on my little boat, Crossing the wild Ocean...alone...Unknown of the distance; untold of the destination - but keep moving on.In each moment I pray to God, dun no why, Inside my mind: So far so good, So far so good...So far...Rafiqul Anowarhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/so-far-so-good-2/
Rafiqul Anowar - So far so good...
“What do you think, they will remember me for a long time? ”“Not So long, but for sometime.”“ And then? ““ And then they will forget you, .....this is life”When the angel finishes, he starts to cry.A green open field remains surround them.The evening light is playing in the wind, Birds return their nest, they all hear: The colors of sadness spread in the western sky.With all of these, the sun goes down at the time of saying good bye.Rafiqul Anowarhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/good-bye-and-remember-me/
Rafiqul Anowar - Good Bye and Remember Me
An unexpected sadness has born, In a moment of silence, here strikesSome sorrows from foamy water of the sea.As if the ancient violin stopped to play in a distant city.I hear the cries only, but no chaos – no sound of water fall.I am waiting under a light post in an empty city at night.Watching – This night the Himalayas (1)are shaken; Fujiama (2)roars like the doomsday, written in the Holy Book, Whistled by the 'Hisrafil' (3)and by the will of God, The world has doomed in a time.And then, yet I hope to think -Seeing the dew on the grass' top, whereThe rainbow smiles, The bohemian wind that comesWith the smell of green field - pushes my chest with freshness, And the Sun goes to sleep in the dusky skyThe cricket feels no rest at night.In that silence -I remember again the old violin player of our time.Hear his music with rhythm of fire flies' journey in darkness -Each moment, I feel the memories of her, Like water drops on burning rock, inEach breath, here has born again, 'Love.'Rafiqul Anowarhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/reborn-38/
Rafiqul Anowar - Reborn
May be I was not wrong in the past.Though the history hurt me manytimes, But I never cursed anyone.I believed it was my fate: Not all men are lucky in this world.Today when I see her, I cry on the sufferingsThat she experienced for a long time.Here I have nothing to say, but-Nothing was wrong in the past.May be all we are right in our time and space; But all we suffer by our mistake and error.As my guardian angel told me once: “Error is error in your life, my friend, But try to correct the error is making another error.”So I wish her all the best for the future.‘Cause I believe: Past is only memory, Future is expectationand Present? Present is nothing but a gift!Rafiqul Anowarhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/melancholia-10/
Rafiqul Anowar - Melancholia
It's really something miraculous to me.Some thing strange I am writing now.Actually know nothing what to do.I am just digging and taking out the body of the dead, of something, of someone whom I buried sixteen years ago.It's nostalgic, but I amazed: The body I expected as skeleton remained fresh as today.I can smell beauty and feel the breath of that love.Then I realize to bring life to that body.I don't know where to put the golden stick or the silver stick –by the touch of which, The Sleeping princess will awake from the eternal sleep.The Princes got sleep by the magical power of unknownWitch of our ancient time. And a prince will come and wake her –thus the fable I heard when I was child.I am not the prince. But I see her now.How can I wake the Princess from Sleeping Kingdom? The poet reminds me: 'In a moment the world will get her once and then lost forever'…Rafiqul Anowarhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/the-fable-once-i-heard/
Rafiqul Anowar - The fable once I heard....
'Your life whirled in the miseries.And our relation became strange in time.Now we meet in fog - in the cold moonlit nightBut feel only the presence, see not each other.If I cry much on that grief, the tear will end forever, May be for that sadness, my eyes will be lost forever.I don't know where the last sorrow laid in this earth: So, I've kept an eye for that, hidden in my heart.'Rafiqul Anowarhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/me-and-my-solitude-01/
Rafiqul Anowar - Me and My Solitude 01
Scientist Alimorad Farshchian who coined the term \
18. A discussion on arthritis and joint imjuries by Dr Alim
That was an old story –As that was a life long ago before this living: I showed you the way to goAnd came back in the darkness with silence, You didn’t look back - even said nothing and; -My heart was full of emptiness.Like a fire stick flamed in a moment - and burned-On the dust of broken hulled ship at the port of my life; whereStillness turned in to a violet sea. Golden hair of the cloud –Faired the sky with the beauty of heliotrope.It is my life now; so it is yours; Here it is the serenityof human in this earth.Days I loved you, like a lagoon I hold the placeOf a distant ocean in the darkness.As I wanted – wanted so…. (With a deep breath) Who felt no tear for a moment in Love! Yet – I showed you the way to the stairs, andI returned in the silence.You won’t look back - even didn’t whisper -And so, I asked nothing in that night.Like a fire stick flamed in a moment - and burned -On the dust of that broken ship: I saw you to go toward the stairs, And I came back with serenade in the darkness.Rafiqul Anowarhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/flame-by-a-fire-stick/
Rafiqul Anowar - Flame by a fire stick
Baul Gaan. Pala Gaan. Bichched Gaan. Vab Bichched gaan. Bangla Folk Song This channel is managed by All New Baul Gaan If you like my song then why not subscribe me by this link:https://www.youtube.com/user/Aupurva আমার চ্যানেল এর গান যদি আপনার ভালো লাগে তাহলে কেন সাবস্ক্রাইব করছেন না; আরো ভালো এবং সুন্দর গান দেখার জন্যে।সাবস্ক্রাইব করতে নিচের লিঙ্কে ক্লিক করেন প্লীজ: https://www.youtube.com/user/Aupurva
Bichched Gaan 2015 দয়াল চান এর প্রেমের এতই যন্ত্রণাAnowar Sarkar
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Dithi Anower & Azgor Alim | New Bangla Song | Naheed Biplob | Music Club | EP-339
চঞ্চলের গানের বাগান Ganwalar Kaler Gan The Audio Is Not my Property, Uploaded for public entertainment , not for any commercial use.

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Waaj of md nurul haque pir sunatola karimganj assam
AIUDF MLA Anwar Hussain laskar latest speech.
AIUDF MLA Anwar Hussain laskar latest speech
Singer: Labu Mafru Lyric: Maruf Ahmed Tune: Basu Deb Ghosh Music: Tomal Hasan Director: Syed Ali Ahsan Liton DOP: Ebad Alim Editor: Mohammad Jahirul ...
Ujan Vati Sufi song By Labu Mafru

Waz mulana ali Ahmed sab basbari(1)
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