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She is gentle, kind and fair,And there's silver in her hair;She has known the touch of sorrow,But the smile of her is sweet;And sometimes it seems to meThat her mission is to beThe gracious cookie-ladyTo the youngsters of the street.All the children in the blockDaily stand beside the crock,Where she keeps the sugar cookiesThat the little folks enjoy;And no morning passes o'erThat a tapping at her doorDoesn't warn her of the visitOf a certain little boy.She has made him feel that heHas a natural right to beIn her kitchen when she's bakingPies and cakes and ginger bread;And each night to me he bringsAll the pretty, tender thingsAbout little by-gone childrenThat the cookie-lady said.Oh, dear cookie-lady sweet,May you beautify our streetWith your kind and gentle presenceMany more glad years, I pray;May the skies be bright above you,As you've taught our babes to love you;You will scar their hearts with sorrowIf you ever go away.Life is strange, and when I scan it,I believe God tries to plan it,So that where He sends his babiesIn that neighborhood to dwell,One of rare and gracious beautyShall abide, whose sweetest dutyIs to be the cookie-ladyThat the children love so well.Edgar Albert Guesthttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/the-cookie-lady/
Edgar Albert Guest - The Cookie-Lady
Doug-udu est une improvisation jouée par de jeunes et talentueux percussionnistes de Lyon sur deux énormes udu drum inédits de l'Atelier Terre et Son http://www.terreson.com . Udu drum disposant de cloches et de tambours accompagnés par des tambours arrosoir. Réalisation au studio du Grame à Lyon Photo Lucie Rimey-Meille
Doug-udu with Big udu drum
Pumpkins are good for literally 2 things; making pumpkin pies, and throwing them off bridges.Well I’m all all out of bridges. To make the pie: Buy a pie crust. Nobody has time for that and they’re like a buck or two Take a 13.5oz/398ml can of pure pumpkin. Not “pumpkin pie filling.” Don’t be an animal But that in a bowl. It’s gonna be thick. Be prepared for that Add two eggs Add 3/4 cup of sugar Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt2 1/4 teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice(or if you’re a real hot shot, use 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp ground ginger, 1/4 tsp cloves) Wangjangle that together until it’s smooth.Slowly add in 1 1/2 cups of 10% creamDoubt yourself because something this liquidy could never be a pie.Put it the undo on 425undo for 15 minutes.Reduce it to 350.Now here’s where you’re gonna have to make a judgment call. Bake for 30 minutes but test the wobble. The wobble tells you everything. When the wobble is gone, the pie is ready. A deep dish crust could take an hour. There’s quite a range you can cook it in where it will still turn out great.Take it out and leave it for at least an hour, and admire the process of turning a liquid into a solid.Whip cream that son of a bitch into tomorrow.
Pumpkin Pie - You Suck at Cooking (episode 68)
Paddy straw mushroom cultivation is show in this video. It should be present in our daily diet as it is very delicious, high content of protein, vitamins and minerals.
ଘରେ କେମିତି ଛତୁ ଚାଷ କରିବେCultivation of paddy straw mushroom Odia
One of simplest and healthiest sambar for all ages from 1 yr baby to Old age people. It acts as medinlcine for the sick people to give more stamina and energy.
Killi Sambar| கிள்ளிசாம்பார் | Moong dal Sambar | பாசிப் பருப்பு சாம்பார்
http://www.vizionplus.tv https://facebook.com/VizionPlusTV https://instagram.com/vizionplustelevizion https://twitter.com/VizionPlusTVNjë shpërthim i fuqishëm tritoli la të plagosur 8 persona, mes tyre dhe shënjestrën e dyshuar të atentatit në lagjen ?Rus? të Shkodrës, Lulzim Kullaj. 500 gramë eksploziv ishte vendosur në një motoçikletë të parkuar vetëm pak metra larg komisariatit ku zhvillohej 105 vjetori i policisë, ndërsa në momentin e shpërthimit zona ishte mjaft e populluar. Rrezja shpërthyese dëmtoi dhe disa automjete, ndërsa sipas hetuesve, objektiv i atentatit dyshohet të jetë Lulzim Kullaj pronar i motoçikletës, por dhe disa bizneseve aty pranë. Blutë thanë se lëvizjet e tij monitoroheshin nga atentatorët, të cilët sapo kanë parë se ai u afrua në zonë me një mjet kanë aktivizuar shpërthimin me telekomandë. Ndonëse shënjestra ishte një person i vetëm për policinë,shpërthimi është një akt terrorist, i cili la të plagosur 7 persona. Për këtë, në zonë u sekuestruan pamjet e kamerave të sigurisë, të cilat mund të kenë fiksuar autorët kur kanë vënë sasinë e tritolit. Kullaj sëbashku me dy kalimtarë të rastit, morën plagë të rënda dhe u dërguan drejt Tiranës, ndërsa të plagosurit e tjerë ndodhen nën kujdesin e mjekëve në spitalin e Shkodrës. 42 vjecari nuk është një emër i panjohur për policinë. Hetuesit thanë se ai është person me precedentë të theksuar kriminalë kryesisht në gjobëvënien ndaj bizneseve. Në një rast pas vitit 1997 një tregtar pakice i gazit që nuk pranoi të paguante gjobën u torturua për vdekje. Për ngjarjen e rëndë dyshohej Lulzim Kullaj, por në atë kohë askush nuk u arrestua nga policia.
Atentat me tritol në Shkodër, shënjestër e sulmit Lulzim Kullaj - News, Lajme - Vizion Plus
Pokémon is Copyright © 1995-2015 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc. / TV Tokyo Credits go to Cartoon Network for this episode Make sure to like ...
Ash's Frogadier evolves into Greninja/Ash-Greninja - Pokemon XY&Z -English DUB HD
http://www.francesco212.com Taken from the Maxi Single \
Watch the second part of Ginger Foutleys original poem \
Ginger Narrates \
712 : Kothimbir : Coriander plantation advice : 26:04:2017 For latest breaking news, other top stories log on to: http://abpmajha.abplive.in/ ...
7/12 च्या बातम्या : कोथिंबिर पिकाची लागवड आणि व्यवस्थापन कसं करावं
Subscribe to Sony Pal: http://www.youtube.com/sonypalindia Watch More Gili Gili Gappa Episodes: ...
Gili Gili Gappa - गिली गिली गप्पा - Episode 51 - 5th June, 2017
Embracing Fashion, Saggers to Sequins, at the Winter Games The same is true, of course, of Mr. Johansson’s countryman Thomas Ulsrud and fellow members of the curling team, whose buff bodies have been turned into a hottie calendar, while the Loudmouth brand trousers they debuted at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010 — plaid, polka-dot, floral and checked patterns reminiscent of Crazy Uncle Mort — have since evolved into one of the wittier continuing fashion statements in sports. There is, for a start, the exuberant and sometimes wacko patriotism on display at the opening ceremony, where athletes often don national costumes hardly anyone wears anymore (though it could be that Pita Taufatofua, the hunky Tongan flag bearer who has now gone bare-chested at both the Summer Games and the Winter Games, oils up his abs and does errands in a skirted grass ta’ovala). If not perhaps the most tasteful Winter Olympics in memory, these have been the first that this avid sports fan recalls that engaged in active dialogue with real-world fashion, an Olympics replete with ideas heavily influenced by street wear and the catwalks — and one that also offered designers aplenty to ponder. Yet, while commercial jackpots may not be in store for someone like the Norwegian ski jumper Robert Johansson (IG: @rbrt_johansson), a 27-year-old ginger with a slicked back-and-undercut Billyburg haircut and curling porn-star mustache, he was a stellar example of an athlete embracing style on a global platform just for fun. And from the look of things, they got wholeheartedly into the spirit of sexy self-presentation and image manipulation central to the culture of Instagram — a fact as apparently true of those competing in obscure disciplines as the stars of marquee sports. It is not just that the meticulously detailed Ralph Lauren United States team uniforms, with their heated parkas, snowflake-pattern sweaters and mittens doubled down on the vintage Americana Mr. Lauren has all but copyrighted. And Ms. Vonn’s marketing savvy has long proved effective, to judge by her endorsements with Red Bull, Rolex, GoPro, Bounty Paper Towels and others, along with her huge Instagram following.
Embracing Fashion, Saggers to Sequins, at the Winter Games
Hey Rani Rumal Ma New Kumauni Mp3 Song ,Album-Julmi Ankha kumauni, Singer-JItendra Tomkyal, Music-Sanjay kumola,Recordist-Sagar kr.
Hey Rani Rumal Ma New Kumauni Mp3 Song Jitendra Tomkyal !
Presenting Bengali Movie Video Song “Pala Re O Gopal : পালা রে ও গোপাল” বাংলা গান sung by Anasua Majumdar From Asha O Bhalobasha, Starring Prosenjit...
Pala Re O Gopal | Asha O Bhalobasha | Bengali Movie Song | Anasua Majumdar
Ingredients: Green beans-400 gm(washed and chopped) Chopped onion-1 (large) Chopped tomato-2 (medium) Chopped coriander leaves Ginger garlic ...
Green Beans ki Sabzi-Green Beans Masala-Healthy and Tasty Green Beans Recipe-Easy French Beans Sabzi
http://www.BlankTV.com - Symbol Six - \
Symbol Six - \
so please stop asking (some flashing colors warning) * I am doing better. Some rough patches and back tracking here and there but hey difficult things aren't a ...
Why I Don't Have a \
Enjoy the superhit Bollywood comedy movie, Malamaal Weekly (2006) starring Ritesh Deshmukh, Paresh Rawal, Om Puri, Reema Sen and Rajpal Yadav.
Malamaal Weekly Full Movie | Ritesh Deshmukh | Paresh Rawal | Om Puri | Hindi Movies 2016 Full Movie
ingredients:\<br>chicken 1 kg\<br>red chili pwd 1.5 tbsp\<br>coriander 1.5 tbsp\<br>salt 1 tbsp leveled\<br>turmeric 1 tsp\<br>garam masala pwd 1/2 tsp\<br>black pepper crushed 1/2 tsp\<br>dry roasted cumin seeds 1.5 tsp\<br>ginger paste 1 tsp full\<br>garlic paste 1 tbspfull\<br>lemon juice 2 tbsp\<br>yogurt 3/4 cup\<br>cream 4 tbsp\<br>cashew 5,almonds 5,melon seeds 1 tsp(grind and make a thick paste ) \<br>tomato paste 2,3 tbsp full\<br>ginger julienne cut 1 inch piece\<br>green chili 3,4 slitted\<br>coriander 1/4 bunch\<br>oil 1/2 cup\<br>butter 4 tbsp\<br>onion,blanch and puree 1.1/2 large size\<br>METHOD:\<br>marinate the chicken with yogurt,cream 3 tbsp,g.g paste,salt,red chili pwd,coriander pwd,turmeric,lemon juice,black pepper pwd \<br>keep it in fridge for 1/2 hour.\<br>heat up oil and butter and add onion paste.\<br>cook un till all water gets dry.\<br>now add cashew,almond paste and 1 cup water.\<br>cook till the raw flavor and aroma has gone from the paste.and oil comes out on top.\<br>now add tomato paste in it and cook for 1,2 minutes then add chicken with all marination.\<br>cook it on med low flame till chicken gets tender.\<br>add 1/2 cup water if required.\<br>when chicken is done,add dry roasted cumin ,garam masala,ginger,green chili,coriander on top and mix.\<br>simmer for another 2 mints and serve with naan or kulcha.
chicken makhni handi
Bangla Eid Natok 2015 - Sikandar Box Ekhon Nij Grame Part 6 (Last Part) ft Mosharraf Karim
Bangla Eid Natok 2015 - Sikandar Box Ekhon Nij Grame Part 6 (Last Part) ft Mosharraf Karim
A cup of tea, some soda bread, Would you take some milk and sugar, friend? Sit here by the firesideAnd share with me the daylights end. You show your photos with just prideThis one of your eldest, a blushing brideWasn’t it just yesterdayshe was a toddler hard at play? Here are prints of Bob and FredYour two boys, both Ginger headsBob’s at UniversityMy Henry used to work with Fred...I had a letter yesterdayFrom our friend, Mary, at Black BayHer son is fighting in IraqShe counts the days until he’s back Its’ hard for me now Henry’s gone-my children grown and moved away.Filling moments isn’t easyII'm grateful that you came today.Remember when we all were youngand danced at céili’s all night longWe gave our parents anxious timesstaying out sometimes till dawn..A cup of tea, some soda bread, Have it with a bit of jam.Let the tea steep and grow strongNight is coming soon anon.John F. McCullaghhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/a-cup-of-tea-7/
John F. McCullagh - A Cup of Tea
Bangla Lokgeeti_Parikshit Bala_Jabi jedin sosan ghate.
Parikshit Bala_Jabi jedin sosan ghate.
For the first time in my life, I purchased an entire full face of makeup! Never before have I gone into Sephora and purchased anything! All the makeup shown in my bag before was gifted to me or given to me as random gifts...dating all the way back to high school! :O Be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss the next installment where I learn how to give myself a full glam look makeover! :)SUBSCRIBE TO GO ON MORE ADVENTURES: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:FACEBOOK: SNAPCHAT : MichelleKhareMUSICAL.LY: Michelle KhareThank you so much to my friend, professional makeup artist Olivia Shipman, for spending the day with me! Please give her a follow! She's truly amazing!Follow Olivia's Makeup Account: Follow Olivia's personal account! This video is NOT SPONSORED, but here are ALL PRODUCTS, IN ORDER MENTIONED:ULTA HAUL:Real Techniques Travel Essentials Brush Set Real Techniques Eye Shade + Blend Duo Pack Real Techniques Powder Brush Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Cleanser & Waterproof Makeup Remover Japonesque Velvet Touch Eye Brush Set Loréal Lash Paradise Mascara NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray L.A. girl HD Pro Concealer Orange Corrector Caboodles Long Tapered Heartthrob Tote (Makeup Organizer)SEPHORA HAUL:Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'R Instant Retouch Primer Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'R Soft Matte Longwear Foundation - Shade Neutral Olive #290 Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil 04 Medium Benefit 24 Hour 24-HR Brow Setter Shaping & Setting Gel Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in \
I Purchased Makeup For The First Time In My Life
The rebooted Talking Tom Cat app has arrived! Can you handle even more legendary fun with Talking Tom? Download Talking Tom Cat for Android, iOS and ...
Talking Tom Cat - The Legend is Back (Official Trailer)
Relive the moments of love, like never before!! Sing along to the full song lyrics video of 'Mar Jaayen', the blockbuster hit of 2015 from movie 'Loveshuda' staring ...
Mar Jaayen Lyrics Full Video - Loveshhuda | Bollywood Song 2015 | Girish, Navneet | Atif, Mithoon
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