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Vishnu Bhajan: Katha Shri Badrinath Aur Charon Dhamon Ki Mahima Singers: NARAYAN BHAKT PAWAN GODIY, KAVITA GODIYAL Music Director: PAWAN GODIYAL Lyrics: TRADITIONAL Album: KATHA SHRI BADRINATH & CHARON DHAMON KI MAHIMA PART-1 Music Label: T-Series If You like the video don't forget to share with others & also share your views.  Follow Us: http://www.dailymotion.com/bhaktisagar Like Us On: http://www.facebook.com/tseriesbhaktisagar Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/_TseriesbhaktisagarFor Spiritual Voice Alerts, Airtel subscribers Dial 589991 (Toll Free)  To set popular Bhakti Dhun as your HelloTune, Airtel subscribers Dial 57878881
Vishnu Puran, Badrinath Katha I Katha Shri Badrinath, Charon Dhamon Ki Mahima, PAWAN GODIYAL, KAVITA
Hiranyakashyapu meets his wife Kayatu and wants to take her with him, but she insists to stay with Narad for some time. While Hiranyakashyapu celebrates his victory, a new born kid named Vishnu is brought to his assembly. He orders the murder of that child. A son is born to Kayatu who is named Prahlad by Narad on request of Hiranyakashyapu. When again Kayatu wants to stay for some more time, Hiranyakashyapu makes Narad take oath that he will not mention Vishnu in front of his child.
Vishnu Puran 21 (with English subtitle)
When Haigreev is not ready to release four Vedas, his mother is grieved. Manu with wife Shatroopa is fasting for mankind. God Vishnu appears to Manu in the form of Fish and stays overnight there. Then tells him about flood. Narad tells God Brahma that everyone should do his duty.
Vishnu Puran 8 (with English subtitle)
vishnu puran.
Vishnu Puran Part 201 (हिन्दी में विष्णु पुराण)
Mother earth introduces herself as the narrator of this great story called Vishnu Puran. She states that before the beginning there was an end. She describes about the great flood and how planets were formed. Then God Vishnu creates God Brahma & God Shiv. These Three Gods being Trinity maintains sacred & moral order of righteousness to ensure harmony in the universe. Brahma creates 7 sages and finally man (Manu) & woman (Shatroopa). Their son king Uttanpad enticed by the beauty of his second wife, fails from doing his duty.
Vishnu Puran 1 English Sub Merged

Vishnupuran Episode 6

Vishnupuran Episode 51
Kurma avatar\<br>Kurma Avatar tortoise avatar (incarnation as tortoise) says. Kurma avatar of Lord Vishnu kshirsagar Smudramnthn was handled at the time of their armor Mandar hill. Thus Lord Vishnu, the temple mountain and the serpent Vasuki to churn the sea with the help of the gods and demons AND fourteen Ratnonki receipt. Lord Vishnu as Mohini was also held at this time.\<br>\<br>\<br>According to the second embodiment while Nrsinhpuran Kurmawatar Bagwatpuran (1.3.16), the eleventh incarnation. Satapatha Brahmin (, Mahabharata (Adi Parva, 16) and padmapurANa (Uttarakhand, 25, 9) of the Creator for breeding the offspring, the water transmission in the form of tortoise does. Lingpuran (9 4) the earth was going to the abyss, the incarnation of Vishnu Kchcprup. Scope of the back of the tortoise was a million purposes. PadmapurANa (Brhmkd, 8) describes that Indra had insulted the FuriousParijatk provide Durvasa cursed by Durvasa, will destroy your wealth. Lakshmi went to sea as a result lost. Following the orders of the gods Vishnu and Lakshmi demons retrieving mandarachal was the door of the dasher and Vasuki of kshirsagar churned by. While churning abyss mandarachal was felt to be holding Vishnus tortoise on its back and the sea nectar and Lakshmi Devdanvon including receipt of 14 jewels and splendor Undo edited. Ekadashi fasting after Kchcpawatar circulated in public. Vishnu the sages Kurmpuran Kchcpawatar four goals of life (Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha) and was described.\<br>\<br>Devraj Indra chivalry of sage Durvasa see them released but Indra called asphodel beads worn to be released and it would not have received the airavat released airavat threw him to the ground, Durvasa cursed the gods, angered by this and gave their gods because of the curse, the gods lost their power. This very nervous and they went to Brahma guidance. He asked to cont the gods Vishnu. Vishnu advised them to churn the ocean latex will elixir. Drinking the nectar of the gods will return and may force they will be immortal. This huge task Mnder mountain Vasuki (snake king) was to be conducted by means of which the mountain rung Mthini Vasuki as the rope was used. For this reason, it was necessary to resort to the gods demons were terrified. But Vishnu explained to them and to ask a demon gods were willing to help them, to the lure of nectar.\<br>\<br>\<br>Kurma avatar of Lord Vishnu, the Nag Vasuki wrapped around Mnder mountain. Picture of Samudra Manthan 1870\<br>They began to churn the ocean, where one side and the other side was the God demon. But a deadly poison came out to shake the whole world seemed to be choking threat has come. But Lord Shiva came to the rescue and he consumed poison and kept it in his throat, which he named Jay. But continued churning mountain slowly began to drown. Then Lord Vishnu avatar Kurma (turtle) was embodied in the incarnation of a giant tortoise to lift your beat mountain. The purpose of the back of turtles diameter was 100,000. [1] as a cash prize bull Dhanvantri sea appeared in his hands appeared with Amrit Kalash. Thus, God is Kurma avatar. [\<br>\<br>Kurma Narayan\<br>Devanagari Kurma Kūrma (Turtle)\<br>Kannada ಕೂರ್ಮ\<br>God himself affiliation\<br>Housing Vaikuntha\<br>Sudarshan Chakra Arms\<br>Text Bhagavata Purana, Vishnu Purana, Kurma Purana, Padma Purana\<br>\<br>हमारी अन्य हिंदी विडियो पर भी आप अपनी शुभ नजर डाले-\<br>\<br>\<br>\<br>\<br>\<br>\<br>\<br>\<br>\<br>\<br>\<br>\<br> krishna leela\<br> mahabharata hindi shree krishna ramanand sagar\<br>\<br>\<br> vishnu sahasranamam kalki avatar vishnu mantra
Kurma avatar | dashavatara | Lord Vishnu vishnu sahasranamam vishnu mantra vishnu puran
After Manu's rebuke, Uttanpad tries to commit suicide but is stopped by his wife Suniti. God Vishnu sends sage of gods 'Narad' (who is also concerned for Dhruv) as guide to him. Mother Laxmi gives food to Dhruv who does not take and on his request She hides him from his father's view. Suruchi is happy on Dhruv's going & thanks God. Narad meets Dhruv and ask him to chant in dense forest. To this Mother Laxmi is concerned because of wild animals of the forest.
Vishnu Puran 3 (with English subtitle)
Swarbhanu disturbing Prahlad challenges God Vishnu. He sends His Sudarshan Chakra to chase Swarbhanu. Prahlad's friends comes and offers him food. They also confirm that they will stay with him to which he says no and sends them back. Hiranyakashyapu orders commander to tie Prahlad and throw him from the peak of a high mountain. God Vishnu saves him and lays him into a bullock cart that is carrying grain for the storehouse of king. Hiranyakashyapu is happy to hear the death of his son Prahlad.
Vishnu Puran 25 English Sub Merged
vishnu puran.
Vishnu Puran Part 193 (हिन्दी में विष्णु पुराण)
vishnu puran.
Vishnu Puran Part 205 (हिन्दी में विष्णु पुराण)
Vishnu Puran.
Vishnu Puran Part 198 (हिन्दी में विष्णु पुराण)
Dhruv's parents are worried for him. Royal teacher advises ministers to calm people and king to perform his duty. King of gods Indra sends fire god who sets forest on fire. But still Dhruv's meditation can't be stopped. Sage of gods Narad suggests Dhruv to stop breathing while chanting meditation in heart. When wind flow is stopped, Brahma with gods approach God Vishnu. God Vishnu meets Dhruv and makes him sit on His lap.
Vishnu Puran 5 English Sub Merged
vishnu puran.
Vishnu Puran Part 182 (हिन्दी में विष्णु पुराण)
God Vishnu handovers Vedas and returns to Ksheer sagar. On death of demon king Haigreev, Kaal Ketu & Harshal fights with each other. Haigreev's mother is worried. After defeating Harshal, Kaal Ketu makes war with gods and is defeated because he did not consult his teacher. Indra misunderstands this and calls himself great.
Vishnu Puran 10 (with English subtitle)
lord Vishnu Kurma avatar, kurma avatar katha, kurma avatar Vishnu puran, kurma avatari vishnu full episode//
Vishnu puran -|भगवान विष्णु - कुर्मा - अवतार|
vishnu puran.
Vishnu Puran Part 185 (हिन्दी में विष्णु पुराण)
On hearing that Prahlad escaped once again Hiranyakashyapu chases Swarbhanu in anger blaming for the cause. Then comes Hiranyakashyapu's sister Sinhika and her husband Viprachitti to meet him. She has got a boon from fire god that she can enter fire and still remain unconsumed. She shows this miracle to all people of palace. On hearing about Prahlad's Vishnu devotion, she tries to convince him and then wants him to be killed. She sends him with a letter to her son.
Vishnu Puran 27 (with English subtitle)
Kaal Ketu tries to kill himself and is stopped by Shukracharya. Shukracharya says that they don't make any war until he get sanjeevini chant. On suggestion of Mother Laxmi, God Vishnu warns god Indra about this. When both Shukracharya and Indra asks same thing, God Shiv declares a test. Hearing this Indra goes off thinking that nobody could give such test.
Vishnu Puran 11 English Sub Merged
vishnu puran.
Vishnu Puran Part 211 (हिन्दी में विष्णु पुराण)
Mother earth introduces herself as the narrator of this great story called Vishnu Puran. She states that before the beginning there was an end. She describes about the great flood and how planets were formed. Then God Vishnu creates God Brahma & God Shiv. These Three Gods being Trinity maintains sacred & moral order of righteousness to ensure harmony in the universe. Brahma creates 7 sages and finally man (Manu) & woman (Shatroopa). Their son king Uttanpad enticed by the beauty of his second wife, fails from doing his duty.
Vishnu Puran 1 (with English subtitle)

Vishnupuran Episode 40
Dhruv goes to meet his father. When he sits on his father's lap, his step mother Suruchi pushes him down and asks him to chant God Vishnu so that in next birth he be born to her and be worthy of sitting on king's lap. Upset Dhruv leaves his mother to the care of God Vishnu's image and himself goes in search of God. When robbers try to kill Dhruv on the way, Goddess Laxmi saves him by killing them. Suniti informs king about Dhruv's going and Manu rebukes king Uttanpad and holds him responsible for this.
Vishnu Puran 2 (with English subtitle)
vishnu puran episode 7 all vedas are stoled by highrev from brahm lok.
vishnu puran episode 7 || vishnupuran part7
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