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http://myegy.immerchat.com/vakontorhouseofhouse VA Kontor House of House 18 3CD 2013 FREE DownloadKontor House of House Vol.18Release name: VA.Kontor House of House 18.3CD.2013Quality: VBRkbps / 4410Hz / Joint StereoLabel: Kontor RecordsGenre: HouseSize: 393MB TracklistCd101 Armin Van Buuren Feat. Trevor Guthrie - this is What it Feels Like 03:26 02 DJ Antoine Vs Mad Mark - Sky is the Limit (Flamemakers Mix) 03:35 03 R.I.O. Feat. U Jean - Ready or Not 03:29 04 Avicii Vs Nicky Romero - I Could Be the One (Nicktim Mix) 03:30 05 Pitbull Feat. Christina Aguilera - Feel this Moment 03:50 06 Flashrider Feat. Kelli Leigh & Renald - So in Luv 03:09 07 Arash Feat. Sean Paul - She Makes Me Go (Mike Candys Mix) 02:57 08 Manian & Nicco - Tonight (R.I.O. Mix) 03:30 09 Jerome Feat. Ace Young - Don't Walk Away 03:14 10 Christopher S Feat. Max Urban - Put Your Hands Up for the World 03:07 11 Chicky & Zimra - Bunny 02:37 12 The Cube Guys & Barbara Tucker - I Wanna Dance with Somebody 03:38 13 Dipl.Inch Feat. Curio - Superego 02:50 14 Dam'edge Feat. Fatman Scoop & Kat Deluna - Shake it 03:28 15 DJ Mase Vs Dngrs Crew - Dangerous 03:30 16 Sisse Marie Feat. Yes R - Till the Sun Comes Up 03:13 17 Carolina Marquez Feat. Flo Rida & Dale Saunders - Sing La La La (E Partment Mix) 03:30 18 Nick Corline Feat. Nuthin' Under A Million - Touch the Stars 03:33 19 Wiply - All I Gave to You 03:02 20 Lisa Aberer - I Will Dance (Eric Chase Mix) 03:22 21 Jan Leyk Feat. Aleksey - Goethe 03:36 Cd201 Chris Malinchak - So Good to Me 02:41 02 Wankelmut & Emma Louise - My Head is A Jungle (Gui Boratto Mix) 03:32 03 Lexy & K Paul Feat. Yasha - Killing Me 03:16 04 Supafly - Let's Get Down 03:24 05 Avicii - X You 03:19 06 Tjr - Ode to Oi 04:34 07 Boris Dlugosch Feat. Roisin Murphy - Look Around You (Chopstick & Johnjon Mix) 03:37 08 Sono - Keep Control (H.O.S.H. Mix) 03:42 09 Parachute Youth - Count to Ten 03:38 10 Maor Levi & Pierce Fulton - Wanna Be 03:49 11 Mischa Daniels Feat. Craig Smart, Mugz & Rosette - Partied All Night 03:21 12 Houseshaker Feat. Kay Marston - Just About Us 03:15 13 Sharon Doorson - High on Your Love 03:17 14 Dada Life - So Young So High 03:41 15 Michael Calfan Vs John Dahlback Feat. Andy P. - Let Your Mind Go 03:19 16 Dubvision - Redux 03:29 17 Vanillaz & Kosta Radman Feat. Hannah Mancini - Back 2 Life 03:33 18 Alex Martello & Mat Twice - Need of You 02:58 19 Leony! & Markus Binapfl - U Sure Do (Dave Rose & Groove Phenomenon Mix) 02:40 20 Maria De Floripa - Maria Maria (Jerome Mix) 03:20 21 DJ Reckless - Endlich Wochenende (Eric Chase Mix) 03:30
Kontor House of House 18 3CD 2013 FREE!! Download
Retrouvez chaque semaine en vidéos nos DIY réalisés uniquement avec nos dix doigts pour notre rubrique MADE IN MOI ! Au programme ? Une série de vidéos tutoriels avec des conseils et des astuces 100% fait maison pour réaliser facilement et rapidement des meubles et des accessoires déco vraiment canons !Transformer un bocal IKEAConnaissez-vous le IKEA hacking, ce phénomène que l’on n’arrête plus en décoration ? Une tendance qui parlera, c’est certain, aux amateurs de la marque suédoise ! Si comme nous vous aimez ces meubles design à petits prix mais trouvez qu’ils sont néanmoins un peu trop uniformisés, vous allez adorer cette méthode qui consiste à customiser ou à transformer des meubles IKEA. Cette semaine, nous avons de nouveau fait appel à l’excellent Vincent du blog déco Shake My Blog pour nous montrer comment transformer un bocal Sinnerlig IKEA en une jolie lampe de table en verre teinté.Design industrielDes matériaux simples et solides (liège, verre), des couleurs neutres et une utilisation fonctionnelle, cette lampe bocal répond parfaitement aux critères de la tendance industrielle. Et si vous souhaitez accentuer ce style ou renforcerl'éclairage, n'hésitez pas à en fabriquer et en utiliser deux ou trois, car ces modèles fonctionnent très bien par petit groupe. L'aspect verre teinté vient quant à lui adoucir l'objet et apporte ainsi une jolie touche poétique dans une chambre ou un salon. Une fois la lampe allumée, le verre teinté tamise la lumière pour offrir à votre intérieur une ambiance douce et unique.Pour l'anecdote, cette création n'est pas sans nous rappeler la lampe de table Bouché, imaginée par la très créative marque italienne de design Seletti.Une pièce unique, digne des plus grands designers européens, mais fabriquée avec vos dix doigts, qu'attendez-vous pour vous lancer ?!Pour ne rater aucune vidéo, n'hésitez pas à vous abonner : http://www.dailymotion.com/lejournaldelamaisonRetrouvez-nous également sur les réseaux sociaux :Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/LeJournalDeLaMaisonPinterest : https://fr.pinterest.com/ljdlm/
MADE IN MOI : comment transformer un bocal IKEA ?
Please Subscribe to The Gossip Tube for More: https://bit.ly/2jkk6FhCheck out more of The Gossip Tube here: https://thegossiptube.tumblr.com/ https://twitter.com/thegossiptube https://plus.google.com/1099897493436...Selena Gomez's outfit at the Prada Resort Fashion appear on May 4 was shocking, however we're especially taken by her adornments. Is it accurate to say that she isn't wearing a similar match of glasses that ex Justin Bieber has? Those glasses look sort of recognizable, isn't that right? Selena Gomez, 26, went nerd chic for the Prada Resort Collection mold appear in New York City in a fairly one of a kind outfit that withdraws from her standard great, chic style. The \
Support Musicians Impacted By Hurricanes http://MusicRising.orgStand Up For Children Caught Up In War Learn How at http://WarChild.orgGRETA STANLEY performs the song \
Ice T - High Rollers (1989)Speed of life,fast,it's like walkin' barefoot over broken glassIt's like,jumpin' rope on a razor bladeAll lightning quick decisions are madeLifestyle plush,females rushThis high profile personality,who earns his pay illegallyProfessional liar,schoolboys admireYoung girls desire,very few live to retireCash flow extreme,dress code supreme,vocabulary obsceneDefinition-street player,you know what I meanThe high rollers People of the city,stop foolin' yourselfCrime rules the streets,who the hell elseAll the police have gone out to playBecause for enough cold cash they'll look the other wayJust look at the cars as they go byBenz,Ferraris,trucks up highBeepers connecting players to big-time dealsWith all of this technology who needs to stealJust live a life of leisure every night and dayAnd you're livin' proof that crime does payYour life is dangerous and recklessYou eat fly guys and girls for breakfastYou're a titan of the nuclear ageYour muscles flex with a Uzi or 12 gaugeAnd you love the game,that's why you boastBecause you're high priced,high speed.high postYou're a high rollerHigh rollersWhen I say high rollers,I mean the bestForget the half-steppers,eject the restBecause these high ranked officials of our city streetsMake millions all triggered by electric beepsThey dress in diamonds and rope chainsThey got the blood of SCARFACE runnin' through their veinsSilk shirts,leather suits,hair always freshEelskin boots,large hearts,though their sizes varyBankrolls that take 2 pockets to carryCruisin' in their 500 Benz SedanWith their systems peaked out rockin' PUSHER MAMYes,their fashion's high and hard to beatThey buy their GUCCI from GUCCI'S not the swapmeetEat very weel,much clienteleAnd whatever you need,they probably sellThe high rollersOh yes,I'm here to tell you females also rollDrive the same cars,somethimes wear more goldCold as an igloo,or hot as a flameThey'll shake ya,break ya and you won't know their nameGangsters to the max,all marks will be taxedThese girls drive FERRARIS not CADILLACSRespect is demanded,most men don't understand itTill they peep the huge bank that these girls have landedThey're junkies for fun,love life on the runAnd if things get hot,they will pull a gunPrey on the lame,no shame to the gameAnd they all seek POWER,fuck the fameThe high rollersNow radio stations probably won't playThis record because of the things I sayThey'll say I'm glamorizing the hustlin' hoodAnd a record like this can do no goodBut I'm not here to tell ya right or wrongI don't know which side of the law you belongYes,the game has flash,but sometimes hurtsBehind any mistake,hard times lurksAnd jail's not your only problem,though it may seemYou just may die by a barrage from an M-16But to each his own,choose the mobile phoneThe tailored suit,the luxury homeYou'll never get caught,'cause you got nerves of iceAnd you're much smarter than those crooks on Miami ViceRightYou wanta be a high rollerHigh roller
Ice T - High Rollers (1989)
This is the ending, this is the last..This here is the story of my worried past..I was young and restless, reckless and bad..So full of joy with the things I had..Had a chance to wander somewhere far..Only to return and question the way we are..Unsettled and angry with everything I am..Nothing else would make me feel less of a man..I felt hopeless and helpless, sad and confused..Desperate to change, and always be used..I hated everyone around, and myself indeed..Only because I did not know what I need..Perhaps I was doubtful that you would adore..Everything I am, and what I stand for..For that I was eager to change my ways..And spent my time dreaming for days..A life I planned that relates nothing to me..A picture I painted for your eyes to see..I grew aweary to have my chance..To execute all of my perfect plans! ! Only to realize the years have passed..And I wasted the only chance we had..I had my vision but I kept it concealed..And I forgot to tell you the way I feel..Now you are planning your own life..And soon you will be someone's wife..My plans are perfect, and useless they are..For that they don't realize the way we are...Ahmed Shammasihttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/the-way-we-are/
Ahmed Shammasi - The Way We Are
WHERE, where but here have pride and Truth,That long to give themselves for wage,To shake their wicked sides at youthRestraining reckless middle-age?William Butler Yeatshttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/on-hearing-that-the-students-of-our-new-universi/
William Butler Yeats - On Hearing That The Students Of Our New University Have Joined the Agitation Against Immoral Literature
Russian Mafia Car Bank Robbery Game is all regarding extreme simulator thieving in deadly criminal world of Miami town.\<br>\<br>\<br>Google Play link: \<br>\<br>\<br>==========================================\<br>► SUBSCRIBE HERE:- \<br>===========================================\<br>► FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER:- goo.gl/edgv25\<br>► LIKE US ON FACEBOOK:- goo.gl/IPs2wI\<br>► CONNECT US ON GOOGLE+:- goo.gl/MuKW3B\<br>============================================\<br>\<br>\<br>Play this Russian Mafia Car Bank Robbery Gameplay to become felon mafia boss and take revenge from unmerciful lawman by ruling streets of crime town. Get ready for final gang law-breaking game in mad town.\<br>\<br>After passing laborious time in Alcatraz jail, youve got with success managed jail shake off high security team cell. Spare no mercy on crooked cops who ruined your life & inive you. Build your mafia gang stronger to execute street crime like simulator thieving & knockdown cops in real combat fighting.\<br>\<br>Write your crime story in Russian Mafia Car Bank Robbery. Shoot SWAT police forces, facilitate town outlaw shake off dangerous cops before they caught you once more.\<br>\<br>Beside different disreputable grand gangsters, beat town cops and grab rifle to shoot police cars. Attack rival cops in aggressive crossfire to become real felon in Miami crime troubled Andreas town.\<br>\<br>Grand theft missions in Russian Mafia Car Bank Robbery with difficult motorcar chase. Play newest cops vs robbers game, get within automotive pan-optic on for stealing cars before police crack shot shooter kill you. Steal cars from real Miami saints & facilitate crime lords by playing extreme motorcar stunts on Russian Mafia Car Bank Robbery.\<br>\<br>Dodge motorcar chase and shoot cops in extreme combat fighting. In realistic auto racing through streets, flip left and right to run away from town motorcar driver. Build a kill shot with skilled crack shot shooter gun in real outlaw games and destroy police cars in sin town gang war.\<br>\<br>During this shooting game, get points by difficult simulator automotive chase missions, followed by extreme killing & violence like neer before. Take a look at your criminal outlaw thieving automotive driving skills in evading cops and shooting police forces.\<br>\<br>Increase your underworld crew of reckless thieves, spreading crime to become felon mafia boss in CA mad town. Set up new bank theft in outlaw town, snatch jeweler & steal cash in stealing man slayer ion.\<br>\<br>Watch out for police whirlybird, flying high in sky with spot lightweight to catch underworld beloved criminals. Police men area unit probing for you from flying whirlybird cockpit and that they will build forced landing on helipad to arrest outlaw squad.\<br>\<br>Russian Mafia Car Bank Robbery Game Features: \<br>- Test your real driver skills with wonderful police chase & automotive parking expertise.\<br>- Outstanding crack shot assassin missions to counter attack.\<br>- Different types of sports cars and athletics simulator vehicles for insane driving mania.\<br>- Realistic town surroundings with HD graphics & exciting sound effects.\<br>- Experience the thrilling driving simulator & athletics game.\<br>\<br>Russian Mafia Car Bank Robbery immediately for extremely vasoconstriction crammed ion of automotive thieving simulation & police chasing driving game.\<br>\<br>\<br>Please Rate, Share and Comment too, really want to entertain all of you, so tell me what you want!\<br>\<br>Thank you guys for watching - DroidGameplaysTV
Russian Mafia Car Bank Robbery (by Kick Time Studios) Android Gameplay [HD]
Original Video BLAC YOUNGSTA SHAKE SUM Young Dolph Diss shot by CDE FILMS The REAl Video Link .<br>Blac Youngsta Young &amp; Reckless Blac Youngsta - Shake Sum (Young Dolph Diss) #BlacYoungsta.<br>FOLLOW MY NEW TWITTER: RELATABLEODDBAL CONTACT: Business: Oddballpressbusiness@gmail.com Thanks for .<br>Listen to the official audio of Birthday (Young Dolph Diss) by Blac Youngsta. SUBSCRIBE to the Official WorldStarHipHop Channel for more original WorldStar .
BLAC YOUNGSTA SHAKE SUM ( Young Dolph Diss ) shot by CDE FILMS ( The REAl Video )
The moon's a steaming chalice, Of honey and venom-wine. A little of it sipped by night Makes the long hours divine. But oh, my reckless lovers, They drain the cup and wail, Die at my feet with shaking limbs And tender lips all pale. Above them in the sky it bends Empty and gray and dead. To-morrow night 'tis full again, Golden, and foaming red.Vachel Lindsayhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/what-semiramis-said/
Vachel Lindsay - What Semiramis Said
Listen All Versions on Digital Stores and Buy: http://player.believe.fr/v2/8058964882233Title: Lose Control Composer: Salis Marcello, Perrotti Mauro, Cicco Daniele Lyric: Casalini Rosaria Video Editing: GRS Sorrentino Production Inside The Compilation: Hit Mania Champions 2016 ℗ Produttore: Sound Management Corporation © Copyright: Sound Management Corporation Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smclabel/ Website: www.soundmanagementcorporation.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/SoundManCorp Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/118095217088902182561/postsInside: HIT MANIA CHAMPIONS 2016 www.hitmania.comCD 1 Hit Mania Champions 2016 1. The Horns - Dj Katch ft. Grec Nice, Dj Kool & Deborah Lee 2. Ego (Willy William Rmx) - Willy 3. Thank You - Dj Antoine 4. Army - Ellie Goulding 5. Fat Car - Jonas Blue ft. Dakota 6. Cake by the Ocean - DNCE 7. Drinkee (Addal Rmx) - Sofi Tukker 8. Reality - Lost Frequencies ft. Janieck Devy 9. Blind - Feder ft. Emmi 10. Lay it all on me - Rudimental ft. Ed Sheeran 11. Miracle - Julian Perretta 12. Sugar - Robin Schulz ft. Francesco Yates 13. What Do You Mean? - Justin Bieber 14. Hurts (Rmx) - Mika 15. Say a Prayer For Me - Rufus 16. America Style - Rik Spin ft. Alessio 17. I'm Shaking - Dual Beat 18. Keep Rising - Dj Makantony 19. Alone - Vivian Grillo & Dj Tilo 20. Don't Let the Sun Goes Down - Benny C ft. Alessio Buscemi 21. Magic Summer in the World - Dj Dabion 22. Wake Me - Andrea Amati 23. Pure Joy - Paoletto Castro vs. Milla Sing 24. Mille volte ancora - Max GazzéCD 2 Hit Mania Champions 2016 - Dance Version 1. Universe (Vocal Remix) - DXP ft. Niki Mary 2. Mi Amor (Dedicated to Ary Mix) - Biagio Lisanti 3. Reckless - Soul Player 4. Together - Estelle vs. David Jones 5. Watch Look Listen Boy - Mark Storm ft. Emily Sanchez 6. Night Club (Carlo Essere Rmx) - Dj Save ft. Trendy Boy 7. Foolish - F&M Project ft. Cristina 8. My Freedom - Iolyga & Penn Side 9. Feel the Love - Mario ft. Chiara Mucedola 10. Senza limite (Cyber Rmx) - Iravox ft. Viola Valentino 11. Second Brain - Matt Garro ft. SMDJ 12. Sax in Loop - Miko M 13. Touch Me - Dj Martello & Dj Mauro Fire vs. Salvio Tozzi & Luca S. ft. Michela Torrente 14. Amelie (Hmv) - Laura Paternostro 15. Party People - Steve May & Rohand 16. Don't you Hear Me - Dj Dimi ft. Raffy Mc 17. Te quiero mas - Aletanz ft. Veila 18. Lose Control - Marco GRS vs. DJ Martello & Dj Mauro Fire ft. Sara Manzoeto 19. I Want you to Stay - Steven May & Rohand 20. My Mistery - Lara 21. How I Feel - Piccolo & Di Salvio ft. Sly K 22. Fruity Pizza - Romay 23. Ritual - Michelle 24. I'll Be Waiting - Numa & Mr. Frog
Marco Grs vs Dj Martello & Dj Mauro Fire feat Sarah Manzoeto - Lose Control - HITmaniaCHAMPIONS 2016
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Crazy Driver Gangster City 3D - Android Gameplay HD
Where, where but here have pride and Truth,That long to give themselves for wage,To shake their wicked sides at youthRestraining reckless middle-age?William Butler Yeatshttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/on-hearing-that-the-students-of-our-new-universi-2/
William Butler Yeats - On Hearing That The Students Of Our New University Have Joined The Agitation Against Immoral Literat
I looked into the bottomof a wine glass one dayAnd saw the devil winking at meand I said to her, 'Why do you lead me on this path of destructionand convince me to makereckless decisions? Why do you let me behavein ways that I knowclaw holes in my psyche? 'And she just laughedSo I said, 'Are you mocking me? This is all your fault, you know'It's your faultI'm drinking this wine and acting like a crazy personI'm listening to Your voice in my head.'and she stopped cheekily shaking her ass at meand looked me straightin the eyeand I dropped my glasslistened to it shatterand watched itspray red-pink dropletsacross my cream carpetlike blood and brainsout of the back of a suicide victim's headbecause the devilwas me26-02-2005Abbi van den Berghttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/wink/
Abbi van den Berg - Wink
Knowing that I could hurt myself that wayLetting my frustration attack each other dayBreathing the fury of my own painBy playing this confusing fateDestroying the natureThat once I could of picturedScreaming inside without say one wordAs I continue walking forwardLooking at the reflectionOf the person inside within this ambitionInspired by my fully misery tearsStirring all my eternal fearsShaking off the coldness in my lifeBraking down before becoming his lovely wifeFlushing down those guilty memoriesThat yet they have deceived meAlternating my cause of suicideLiving it with all misfortune liesConfronting my lonely cutsAs I continue bleeding for my only lostEnding this everlasting gameBy shutting down this reckless shameBringing out my precious cravingAnd the only wish of dyingBrenda Calderahttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/numb-71/
Brenda Caldera - Numb
The driver story : \
Pick up Road Rage fail... Karma is always here... Car crash!
The Young Dolph vs Yo Gotti beef is heating up.Young Dolph took some shots at Yo Gotti & Blac Youngsta in his verse on yesterday’s “Trouble” remix, and it looks like Gotti and Youngsta noticed. While Gotti hasn’t responded personally, Blac Youngsta dropped this diss track “Shake Sum (Young & Reckless).” The led to some very angry Instagram posts by Young Dolph, who has yet to record a proper diss track in response.In the song, Blac Youngsta declares his own authenticity while discrediting Dolph’s own hood pass. Specifically he calls out Dolph for claiming Memphis even though he’s from Chicago, and not living any of the trap tales he tells in his verses.Quotable LyricsDolph, he ain’t put in no work, you a hoe on the low-lowTalking bout you the plug best friend, nigga, you ain’t selling no workNiggas busting on you in ya own hood, fuck boy, you a no-showFuck boy, you ain’t clutch back, you ain’t slide through and bust backYou ain’t Craig Petties, you ain’t the King of South Memphis, nigga, you can hush that
Blac Youngsta - Shake Sum (Young & Reckless)
Blind adorer of false godsReckless idol-makerMoney makerPower or fameGrabby takerHabitual faker: Capturer, asset-stripperCalculating captor, And manipulating actor.Captive for being vainly active; Trapped in vicious disorderMarginalizing the One and Only GodSinking deeper intoUncontrollable religious deviation -A member of irreligious civilization.Captive in moral lack of order -Enabler of society's nasty disorder; A punisher, executing a sentence on oneselfInflicter of one's own pointless pain, For the sin of impietyAnd idolatry insobriety, One is ill-fated relinguisher of hope -In desperate need for favorsOf the One and Only Worshipful God.Dorothy Kardas, Psy.D. Th.D.http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/idolater/
Dorothy Kardas, Psy.D. Th.D. - Idolater
How soon those eyes of yoursstretch acrossto grab me by the souland squeezetil heart drops dripdrip dripand my kneesclank awayshaking.Each time I say I will notletthese feelings sway. My common senseturns awayabandoning me; my helpless self, my angry selfmy begrudging selfall line up inside meand caterwaul;leaving me exposedto fiery rising Excitements Touchpoising above my soul strainingagainst Respondment's callbut l am losing the will-my soul fluiddripping away..Where is the key you havewhich unlocks my door? Where is the silent heart-switchwhich clicksturning on my heart? Where is that definition of lovethat here fits? This is a core mysteryI share with youeven when I don't want to: even when I want to hide or run. When my tent flap is closedit opensby my own hand, against my willand I am always surprisedwondering what part of my brainworked that handdespite the other No part of my brain.saying No, don't reachdon't gobut I do; streaming in my wakeabandoned regretsand doubt; as our silhouettes mergein this holiday tent; I hear a night owlgo Hoot.Hoot.Amy's in the fire-pit; soul aflamememory gone.Heart recklessly spenton another nightwith youin the warm summer fire-pit souls joined.Lonnie Hickshttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/fire-pit/
Lonnie Hicks - Fire-Pit
I have allowed my family to scatter,All those who were my dearest to depart,And once again an age-long lonelinessComes in to fill all nature and my heart.Alone this cottage shelters me and you:The wood is an unpeopled wildernessAnd ways and footpaths wear, as in the song.Weeds almost overgrowing each recess;And where we sit together by ourselvesThe log walls gaze upon us mournfully.We gave no promise to leap obstacles,We shall yet face our end with honesty.At one we'll sit, at three again we'll rise,My book with me, your sewing in your hand,Nor with the dawning shall we realizeWhen all our kissing shall have had an end.You leaves, more richly and more recklesslyRustle your dresses, spill yourselves away,And fill a past day's cup of bitternessStill higher with the anguish of today!All this delight, devotion and desire!We'll fling ourselves into September's riot!Immure yourself within the autumn's rustleEntirely: go crazy, or be quiet!How when you fall into my gentle armsEnrobed in that silk-tasselled dressing gownYou shake the dress you wear away from youAs only coppices shake their leaves down!-You are the blessing on my baneful way,When life has depths worse than disease can reach,And courage is the only root of beauty,And it is this that draws us each to each.Boris Pasternakhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/autumn-105/
Boris Pasternak - Autumn
Houston, TX Hip Hop Rap Artist http://deardramadear.weebly.com/http://twitter.com/deardramadearhttp://facebook.com/deardramadeardrama https://open.spotify.com/artist/69L8Qbc9h0t0FyDOEVx0tc I’m making moves, now my rhyme’s approved, there’s always room to amuse, ******* shake it up, show and prove, I’ll be shaking plateaus, putting dough on the table, amazing and a glow with my flows, reading Plato, I feel like I’m Cato, really I’m a civilian, getting payroll, songs on the radio, a tornado or a volcano, rapping is like playing ball at the pavilion, I’m feeling ******* brilliant, won’t drop the ball, above all I will ball in the fall, the tracks I kill once and for all, multiplying money stacks, stay back, smack the track, every night, bounce back, running back, cinnamon buns for breakfast, I party it up to excess, I’m kind of reckless out here in Texas, they think that I’m sexist, yet I’m really mostly pleasant, and now let’s clean it up as expectedSo now it’s time we hit the road, let’s go fuck with some chicks at my humble abode, on the ladder we climb, I’m ******* with some woman’s mind, while I’m getting lit, I cannot take it slow I just explode, all the pressure gets unloaded, I found a buried treasure, getting on to better endeavors, me and my click banded together, give birth while I’m swerving, I’m learning, collecting earnings, the music shit is working, rest easy darling dear you’ll be my muse as I drive the car steady, the bread I get is quick, I don’t want to catch a flick, I’m starting to lose it, I’ll throw a fit with my stick, the girl’s are thick, my mind is split, I’d rather head to a bar, under a starry night star, with the rain and the thunder I’m starting to wonder, although the future’s looking bright now, without a plight, I can see a light, bust it with your phone numberso now I’m rushing home, and taking shots to the dome, approach the night, with hope, from the stuff, I’m buzzing, some ***** is coming over, but I ain’t judging, I’m just puffing the last of the roach, tryna stay afloat, say hello, open a discussion, while the radio plays percussion, who really wants to be alone, just be chill on the open road, I’m staying in control, on the sofa, grabbing the remote, while my heart is pumping, and I’m puffing smoke while I’m touching, is this what they call loving?, I’m looking for a curve ball, because tonight, if it’s right, we can heal all, with an eight ball installed, to make sense of this urban sprawl, I can feel, keep it real, about this medicine ball, once and for all, it seems only relevant to **** me with adrenaline
Dope - Derek Warmington HD
Little Ballads Of Timely Warning; II: On Malicious Cruelty To Harmless CreaturesThe cruelty of P. L. Brown—(He had ten toes as good as mine)Was known to every one in town,And, if he never harmed a noun,He loved to make verbs shriek and whine.The 'To be' family’s just complaints—(Brown had ten toes as good as mine)Made Brown cast off the last restraints:He smashed the 'Is nots' into 'Ain’ts'And kicked both mood and tense supine.Infinitives were Brown’s dislike—(Brown, as I said, had ten good toes)And he would pinch and shake and strikeInfinitives, or, with a pike,Prod them and then laugh at their woes.At length this Brown more cruel grew—(Ten toes, all good ones, then had Brown)And to his woodshed door he drewA young infinitive and threwThe poor, meek creature roughly down,And while the poor thing weakly flopped,Brown (ten good toes he had, the brute!)Got out his chopping block and droppedThe martyr on it and then proppedHis victim firmly with his boot.He raised his axe! He brandished it!(Ye gods of grammar, interpose!)He brought it down full force all fitThe poor infinitive to split—*(Brown after that had but six toes!WarningInfinitives, by this we see.Should not he split too recklessly.Ellis Parker Butlerhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/little-ballads-of-timely-warning-ii/
Ellis Parker Butler - Little Ballads Of Timely Warning; II:
Nay, I am no worshiper of naturebut as I am a bubble floating on this earthen heaven I just could not shake off its aquatic inertia.This gleeful festivity of my beingand this passionate lust for lifeis the legacy of water.Once as I took a deep draughtoff the fountain of lifewith an intense thirst, today all through my bodyflowing are the numerous streams.In the pervading wilderness of this sear earthI am the itinerant colorsof the triumphant waters, I am the bloom of lifeblown out of the pollen of waterMay I be the combatant childarrived leaving the matrix of waterbut since my very birth this carpet of wateris the prayer-mat of mine.You can call it aquatic complex-have I no objection, but why laying reckless blameof worshiping inanimate nature?Harun Al Nasifhttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/ode-to-water/
Harun Al Nasif - Ode to Water
North Korea has leveled unprecedented accusations against its ardent supporter China, warning Beijing not to try its patience or face its grave consequences. The official Korean Central News Agency has described Beijing’s call on Pyongyang to stop its nuclear and missile tests as reckless remarks. The KCNA says nothing could shake North Korea’s determination and that the country will not beg for the maintenance of relationship with China. The warning comes amid tensions between the North and China which is Pyongyang’s main window to the outer world. China’s state media have recently demanded North Korea to avoid making mistakes and abandon its nuclear programs. Officials in Beijing also urged both Pyongyang and the United States to exercise restraint after the US sent its battleships to the Korean Peninsula.
North Korea warns China of ‘grave consequences’
Driver Stops to Get Gas, Runs Across 10 Fwy, Gets Punched During Wild Pursuit Through San Gabriel Valley.\<br>\<br>A man was taken into custody in Pomona after a wild police chase that spanned surface streets and freeways through several cities in the San Gabriel Valley on Wednesday morning, authorities said.\<br>\<br>The white vehicle involved in the chase was observed driving erratically and at high speeds on surface streets, and the 60, 57 and 10 freeways, Sky5 video showed.\<br>\<br>Earlier, the vehicle stopped at a gas station to try fill up the tank, but was unable to do so because the driver had parked at the wrong side of the pump, according to the aerial video. The driver quickly fled as police pulled up behind the car.\<br>\<br>Then, at around 8:20 a.m., the male driver bailed from the vehicle on the shoulder of the 10 Freeway in Pomona after a short pursuit, the video showed. He ran on the side of the roadway before scrambling across all lanes of the freeway.\<br>\<br>The man then jumped off the side of the freeway, and was subsequently chased by someone in a yellow shirt who was later identified by law enforcement as a Covina Police Department detective.\<br>\<br>According to police, the detective was on his way to court for another case when he observed the subject running across the freeway in front of his car. He pulled over to the side of the roadway, then began pursuing the man.\<br>\<br>The detective running after the driver eventually caught up to the man and appeared to punch or push him, causing the driver to fall to the ground, video showed.\<br>\<br>“He did what police officers do, put himself in jeopardy and took someone into custody,” said Covina police Sgt. Rob Bobkiewicz.\<br>\<br>The man was handcuffed a short time later and appeared to be in police custody.\<br>\<br>The end of the pursuit took place near the campus of Cal Poly Pomona, aerial video showed.\<br>\<br>The incident began when deputies responded to a possible burglary at a gentlemans club at 15600 block of Valley Boulevard in the city of Industry, said Sgt. Lopez with the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department.\<br>\<br>A witness who did not want to be identified said he saw an apparently intoxicated man shaking the doors of the club, saying that his girlfriend was inside. When deputies arrived, he took off.\<br>\<br>“Checked the location, saw no evidence of a crime. But then this was speeding vehicle was seen throughout our area driving in an erratic manner,” sheriffs Capt. Tim Murakami said.\<br>\<br>However, it was not clear if the man had any connection to the original incident that prompted the Sheriffs Departments response.\<br>\<br>The deputies caught up to the driver when he was at the gas station.\<br>\<br>The unidentified man faced a number of charges, including reckless driving and evading police.
Los Angeles Police Chase (July 15, new)
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