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When tired broken and in despairAll I can think of is to snuggle into your armsWhen joyous laughing myself sillyI long to have none but you at my side.When you are called obeseI know how you hold me with easeWhen you are labeled unkemptI remember those taut veins on your hands bent.When you are counted another failureI think of your sweet heart so pureWhen others turned their backs to meI knew you would stand up to me.sreelekha premjithttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/its-her-beloved-of-me/
sreelekha premjit - Its her! ! ! beloved of me
there's some thing about this mantall, stooping now with the weight of his bellywith a casual smile and a glow in the eyes.there's something about his handsstrong and soft in touchlarge to hold yours both in one his lazy slouching ways.there's something charming abouthis stooping to listen to youchuckling at your jokestravelling with you in timeits not his ways no, not the looksnor the heavy pursethat draws you to himlike glow worm to lightits his heartat once manly and child likehis almost motherly concernhis pride in owning youthat makes you relaxsit back let him lead the waynot that he's always rightwhat the hell! he cares alright.sreelekha premjithttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/this-slouching-stooping-man/
sreelekha premjit - this slouching, stooping man
Itis appropriate thought shesobbing, stiffling her groans of paintrying to be herselfIt is appropriatethat she lost her virginityon the virgin shores of this landa virging goddess is here worshippedIt is appropriate that life turned a violent leafcrushing her innocencestrangling her pride in selfIt is appropriatethat her freedom of a brave journohas thus been trampled uponher psyche has been scarredIt is appropriatethat this should happen here in a land of blind believersof frenzied religionsIt is most appropriate that the cruel wavesa mute witness- now rush to wash hercleanse her innards(ofaccumulateds dirt of aeons) It is but appropriatethat she gathers her remnant sprightlinessuncrease her soiled dresspull up her broken resolvedust off the dirtstraighten her shoulders and walk on..the vast endless seas bid good byekissing her feet in penanceshe walks off..sreelekha premjithttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/resurgence-at-kanyakumari/
sreelekha premjit - Resurgence at Kanyakumari
here i standfacing these inquisitive facessearching me top to bottomgiggling, sniggering, wobblinga pair of twenty eyesi look left and rightas if asking for helpbut then i realise i better help myselfsuddenly a gentle man stood upwalked to me and thenpeered closely at me an intimate glancethe whole class giggled againit then struck me what was to be donei pushed the boy a liitle awayand thenstared hard at him below his beltthe boy blushedlooked downdid not mutter a sorrybut did go back to his placeas i heaved a sigh of relief.down and then up trying to avoid direct eyesthen i smiled and saidaren't we here togetheryou and i aren't we to help each otherallow me to be myselfi shall help you to find yourself.sreelekha premjithttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/teacher-s-take/
sreelekha premjit - teacher's take
each written wordis a permanent printof a thought tolda feeling felta momentary insightsaying the unsaidtwisting the taletweakingit to tell an oft quoted quotealbeitdifferentlyan attempt to achievean altogether newperspective an old truthbeating a new trackstriking upon the like-minded as hot iron..sreelekha premjithttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/each-written-word/
sreelekha premjit - Each written word
Mama wants me deadfor I killed her in my birthMama wants me deadfor I squeezed her life juice outMama wants me deadfor I prey on her inside and outsreelekha premjithttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/mama-wants-me-dead/
sreelekha premjit - Mama wants me dead
Tollywood actress Sreelekha Mitra Cleavage - Bengali Actress Hot Sreelekha Mitra, familiar face on Television because of Zee Bangla Mirakkel Comedy Show.<br><br>Sreelekha Mitra Hot Sene From Bengali Film Ascharjo Prodip HD.<br>Sexy Bengali actress Sreelekha Mitra Hottest Rape scene.<br>Sreelekha Mitra in Bikini. Bengali actress in bikini. Oops moments of Bollywood babes. Oops moments of celebrities. Bollywood Babes Oops Moment. Celebs .
Sreelekha Mitra Cleavage Bengali Actress Hot Sreelekha Mitra
What is desiredthe most is what isthe most detested lateras the first taste unviels the truthwhat is truly desireable is that which withstandsthe onslaught of time and familiarity.sreelekha premjithttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/the-most-desired/
sreelekha premjit - The most desired
Film: Mayer BiyeStarring: Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Sreelekha Mitra, Saayoni Ghosh, Indrajit MazumderSong : Aamar Maa Producers: Sony Aath, Eskay MoviesSinger : Lagnajita Chakraborty A story of a woman who is single by chance but embraces motherhood by choice. Its now payback time for the daughter. How? To find more, watch ' Mayer Biye'. Releasing on 25th September at theaters near you.
Aamar Maa (Full Song) I Mayer Biye I Bengali Movie I Lagnajita I Sreelekha Mitra | Saayoni

Sreelekha Mitra hot bengali romantic scene with Joy Senguta - Scene 8Jijibisha... Lust To Live
long after you left mei sat therealone,holding on to the airdrinking in the fragrance.i sat therealone seeing youwhen you were not therefeeling you where you were not hugging on to the feeling of youhearing words you did not utternot wanting to let you go i asked your shadow to stay back a little long after you left mesreelekha premjithttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/long-after-you-left-me/
sreelekha premjit - long after you left me
Wasn't it yesterday, my lordthat you held my handwalked down a milesmilingat meWasn't it then, that isuddenly burst into loud laughtersturning passersby to mesmiling in wondermentWeren't you there with me, my lordsqueezing my shouldersas i tried to comprehendthe term mitochondrial cytopathy Wasn't it ur hand that steadied me. oh! lordwhen the world went reeling aroundpits opened and cries crowded my mindweren't u then, wiping off my tearsWhy, what happened now thatyou turn ur back when I need u mostwasn't it all just yesterday, dear lordor is it too far in your memory? Why, what happened why this sudden indifference? why are these ears so deaf to my pain? what pulls u back now? Having walked so long togethershall we not reach the endhand in handor will you now desert me to face the music of broken hopes, jilted love, scorning facesall alone? My lord, won'tyou walk with me just this far? to the end of this roadwinding off to nothingnessMy lord, my lord, hold, hold back take me with you! ! ! ! !sreelekha premjithttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/dear-lord-hear-me-out/
sreelekha premjit - Dear Lord, hear me out! ! ! !
pushing the wheel chair harderthe old man heavedhis poor body shookhid poorer heart spokesilent pleadings it sentget me a repreivegive me an assurancethis young lifeshall find his feet he will be taken care ofhe will laugh and be laughed along withthis he said his voice shookhis daughter stood dumb will she raise to the challenge? ? ? ? will she brave the odds? ? ? ?sreelekha premjithttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/will-she-brave-the-odds/
sreelekha premjit - Will She Brave the Odds? ? ? ?
what shall i sayif by saying out i set them to noughtthe emotions churning withinwhat shall i sayif by speaking i turn them futilethe rising tide of feelings withinwhat shall i sayif by telling i spoil the very effectof praising someone one too many a timewhat shall i sayif by confiding in you i reveal me in truthand thus lose what i gained with understandingshall i then not choose to be quietorconverse to my soulin solitudesreelekha premjithttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/better-silent-than-speaking/
sreelekha premjit - Better silent than speaking
fine tuned earsdeafened to realities, silenced sorrows and soulful solilloquiesofthese ultra-modern muddled timesreach out in greedy eagernessto embrace the shallow moralsof the soul-wrenching skits of the stupid boxes.sreelekha premjithttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/tuned-to-deafness/
sreelekha premjit - tuned to deafness
Enveloped in that sweet maddening scententangled in the web of your armsenlightened by the beauty of love so physicalI arose aroused to the needs ofthe livingEach day dear love, this is what I willeach day dear man, this is what I wishto trace the nerves as they stand out to mingle desire with love as i know it.Each time as we thus meetthe fragrance of mating shall stayleaving you craving for moredear love, this shall be my imprint upon your soul.sreelekha premjithttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/let-me-leave-you-thus/
sreelekha premjit - Let me leave you thus! ! ! !
A thoughtmulled and munched overnow regurtitatedforms an ideasreelekha premjithttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/an-idea-13/
sreelekha premjit - An idea
a casual commenta violent upheavalanger, shamechurning wilda seed is sowndoubt, remorseassault the mindrock the faithclouded landscapedark and stormyheavy downpoura soiled handkerchief.sreelekha premjithttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/a-soiled-handkerchief/
sreelekha premjit - A soiled handkerchief
Little did I know of what would followwhen I shook hands with a kida wobbly head, trembling handsLittle did I think of how the parentslovingly tended to this gentle beingher sweet pleas, her sweeter slumber.Little did I realise that this sweet minstrelhad made her home her temporary haunta stopping by, on a long travel ahead.As her mom sobbed inconsolablyI stood by, a mute witnessthe bursting sorrow couldnot be quietened.They said though how painful it would have beenfor the little soul to live on, a girl that too...thus maimed by the cruelty of chance.My lord, I ask, aren'tthey the more deserving to livethose that areso differentMy lord, I want to know, what makes a few of the best conceited to be the worst of physicMy lord, tell me, why this disparitywhy such cruelty to the deserving? My lord, why we do we always wait till its too lateTo amend a wrong.Questions abound, no answers are heardThe search is on, help if you can.sreelekha premjithttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/little-did-i-know-3/
sreelekha premjit - Little did I know
We donot seewhat we seeeven as we seewe rarely hearwhat we heareven as we hearwe donot talkwhen we talk even as we talkwe seldom do what we doeven as we dosometimes we donot bewhen we beeven as we beand the same for lovesreelekha premjithttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/see-dont-see/
sreelekha premjit - See, dont see

Bengali Actress Sreelekha Mitra Hot Bed Scene from Bengali Movie
Din Aashe Din Jaaye I Annadata - Prasenjit - Sreelekha
Din Aashe Din Jaaye I Annadata - Prasenjit - Sreelekha
This is not new nor shockinga blotch of shame on a nation of farmers led to the noose buckled under debt, humiliation shamehis children dying his wife sickwhen he chose the noose to life when his wife cried for help who turned? none who listened? no onewhen he embraced death to escape humiliation, torture? ? who cared enough to lend a hand not the officer who claimed not to know of suicides by farmersnot the governmentnot the society not the media who cried foul? ? ? Another farmer a victim of good governance a victim of progressa victim of modern times a martyr! ! !sreelekha premjithttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/hunted-shunted-the-farmer-in-india/
sreelekha premjit - Hunted, Shunted The Farmer In India
I walk the skiessip in the airjump the roads pluck hopes.I thrive on sorrowsenjoy despairchuckle at challengesgather broken hearts.I wallow in ignoranceswallow pride easilywink away hurtweave purple coated dreams.I feign polite indifferenceat those who love to scornsmile secretly at such foolhardyhope to win them over in time.I relish myselftreat me to pleasures of lovesend secret sms to my heartsearch joy in dark secrets.Read these eyeswatch out for joyIf you look for sorrowbeware of being fooled.sreelekha premjithttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/that-s-me-2/
sreelekha premjit - that's me? ? ! !
Long ago the Indian soilwas graced by a saint and his disciplewho traversed long distancesof mind, knowledge and spaces.Upon reaching the bank of a riverboth hesitated thinking for an hourperchance there came a beautiful maidenwho beesechingly turned to them and thenSaid she, Holy masters wilt thou not be kindto take me to the other sidelook how this treacherous river is swollen with pride, causing me to shiverMy family doth on the other sidewith my poor child and his father residethe young disciple of spirit chivalrous nimbly hoistedthe maiden to his shouldersCarrying her safely to the shoresthey resumed their journey; for hoursthey walked discussing matters of grave importance, not a cause for much cheers.A few hours had thus passedwhen the saintly sage turnedprodding the young man with his gazea taunting smile gracing his faceHe said, did you not forget your vows to celibacywhen thus you held the maiden with such intimacythe young disciple smilingly turnedreverend master, he said, surprisedWhy dost thoustill carry her in your mindlong after I'ddropped her behind?sreelekha premjithttp://www.poemhunter.com/poem/truth-a-parable/
sreelekha premjit - Truth: a parable
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